Taking a steady, regular and progressive approach to your preparation will ensure that you can complete the Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle.

Everybody is at a different level of fitness and has different lifestyles and expectations, so it is difficult to give a week-by-week training plan that would suit everybody. Therefore, you can adapt these basic monthly guidelines to suit your particular circumstances.

The two key principles to keep in mind at all times are:
Consistency - ride your bike as much as possible
2. Progression - begin at a level comfortable for you and progress slowly but steadily.


If you don't have a good fitness base:

  • This month is all about building basic fitness -slow, steady miles at a pace which is comfortable enough to conduct a conversation
  • Try to ride as often as you can, however short - at least four times per week would be ideal
  • If you have to take a break for any reason don't let it discourage you - just get back into your routine as quickly as possible
  • Don't let a bit of rain put you off - you might enjoy it
  • Practice using gears regularly and keeping your cadence high
  • Focus on spending time on the saddle rather than on average speed
  • Aim for one long ride per week, beginning at an hour and aim to complete 25 miles (40K) in one ride by the end of the month
  • Get your saddle height checked and learn the feel of correct air pressure in your tyres
  • If you are going for weight-loss, eat well and sparingly and aim for a 4lb. (1.8Kg) loss for the month
  • Expect mild aches and discomforts as the body adapts but distinguish these from niggling or developing injuries which should be checked
  • If you are feeling particularly tired for any session, still try to motivate yourself to get out but go at a very slow pace - think of it as going for an easy walk on your bike - and you will still get benefit from this
  • See our General Guidelines for further advice

If you are starting with a good base of fitness but are not so used to cycling:

  • Do all of the above for the first two weeks
  • On the third week include a harder session with some intensity as described under the Fitness heading
  • Extend you long ride to a distance you are capable of
  • See our General Guidelines for further advice