Ian O'Connell Trust

Ian O’Connell is a fifth-year student in St. Brendans College, Killarney and is the only child of Mike and Nora O’Connell. On the 16th of August 2017 Ian was enjoying a day out on his bike when he fell and sustained serious neck and spinal injuries.

After several months in Dublin’s Mater Hospital Ian was moved in January 2018 to the National Rehabilitation Centre, Dun Laoire where he is currently undergoing rehabilitation and it is his wish to return home where his ongoing and lengthy rehabilitation programme will continue.

An active member of Spa GAA Club, Ian is a sport’s loving 16 year old, having played not only football but also hurling, soccer and rugby and he now faces up to 2 years of treatment and rehabilitation to help regain feeling and movement in his limbs.

In Ian’s own words

“Time, patience, hope. All these things are something I have been doing since my accident. Today I tried writing for the very first time since August at first when I tried it was like a baby’s scribble, but I said to myself I’m not going to stop at it now, because mistakes are proof that I am trying. I felt like I was back in playschool again joining the dots and to be honest it was easier when I was in playschool. I’m trying new things every day and most importantly I’m learning new things everyday. I believe one day I will write again I have to keep that mindset or else I will go nowhere in life. Every time I feel like quitting I think why I held on so long you might see me struggle but you’ll never see me quit. So always try your best keep hope never to give up and keep smiling.”

Money raised in the Ring of Kerry Cycle will be lodged to a Trust Fund set up by the Spa GAA Club. The fund, administered by three trustees, will help meet his ongoing needs and the cost of any necessary adaptations to his home.

“My name is Ian O’Connell and I am so grateful for the faith and support I have received, it drives me every day to keep going, to never give up and to stay positive.”

Thank you for choosing to cycle this arduous 175km on my behalf, it means so much for my future.