'Over 9,000 people in Ireland die from cancer each year. Money raised from this year's Charity Cycle is vital to fund new treatment options to increase the number of people who will survive this diagnosis. We urgently need your support to help make this happen.'

Breakthrough Cancer Research is an Irish charity focused on research to develop new treatments for cancers that currently cannot be cured. We bring scientists and clinicians together to discover and develop new treatments and cures for patients in Ireland, Europe and Internationally. Focusing particularly on cancers with a poor prognosis, such as malignant melanoma, pancreatic, oesophageal and advanced metastatic disease, we look at every point of the cancer patient journey to find ways we can improve survival and save our loved ones.

To date, our research has led to: 250 new discoveries, over 750 Patients treated and 7 new cancer treatments, delivered.

  • €100 - could purchase 50 litres of liquid nitrogen necessary to facilitate freezing tumour cell samples for long-term storage in a cancer bio-bank.
  • €200 - could purchase a kit that will isolate DNA from cells, allowing us to determine the processes happening at a genetic level in the cancer cell. This kit will test 200 samples.
  • €250 - could purchase a lens for one of our microscopes, used for looking at cancer cell details.
  • €500 - could purchase an antibody that will be used to identify and visualize the different components of the human cancer cell. Antibodies can also be used to identify specific cells of the immune system and determine their role in attacking cancer cells following treatment.
  • €750 - could purchase enough tissue culture flasks, used for the cultivation of tumour cells under sterile conditions, for 3 months.
  • €1,000 - could purchase enough units for counting cells, for approx. 3 months, necessary to carry out controlled experiments

Inspirational Stories

Both patients and clinicians who are treating patient understand and appreciate what we are trying to achieve through research. This is why they believe cancer research is so vitally important:

“My husband and I toured the facility where Dr. Sharon McKenna works. She gave a talk about her research in ovarian cancer. I spoke to the scientists. I saw cancer cells in petri dishes. I saw the innovations Breakthrough have come up with. And I saw all the tremendous work they’re doing to find new treatments for ovarian cancer. And I was absolutely humbled by it all. Afterwards in the car my husband asked me how I felt, and I said: “That was better than any medicine!” Because it was the first thing that had given me hope that someone, somewhere could beat this terrible disease and give women like me a chance.”
Anne Herlihy, Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer Patient

"My time is up. I've got tumours all over my lungs, my liver, my abdomen. They have also gone to my back. So there is no more treatment now, I'm off all of it. Now it is just time. I really want to get to a situation where no other family has to go through what my family has been through, wouldn't that be a wonderful thing? The aim is for Breakthrough Cancer Research is to look at some of the most difficult cancers. The thing is that I genuinely think cancer is beatable. We just have to really get after it.”
Dermot Costello – Stage 4 Cancer - Died aged 49

“Research is absolutely essential to ensure we continuously improve cancer care because treatment now is radically different to what it was even 5 years ago.”
Dr. Derek Power, Consultant Medical Oncologist

“If we look at the past 4 decades in cancer medicine the benefits of cancer research is evident in the improvement of cancer outcomes.”
Professor Seamus O’Reilly, Consultant Medical Oncologist

“Without research we are standing still, we have a whole ream of problems in cancer and cancer care. Unless we look for the answers we will never find the solutions to those. I know I am able to offer patients new and effective treatments that I know wouldn’t have existed previously and don’t exist elsewhere. This would have happened without the work supported by Breakthrough Cancer Research.”
Mr. James Clover, Consultant Surgeon

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