'By raising funds through the Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle 2018, you can help us put three new buses on the road to help people with intellectual disabilities in our community.'

The Kerry Parents and Friends Association was established in 1973 to support families of people with an intellectual disability. Today, we operate twenty five Day Care Centres countywide and provide additional support in the home and community.

The 'Buy a Bus' Campaign will enable us to continue transporting the people we support to Day Care Centres, hospital appointments, social training and much more every day. Significant cut backs in recent years means we are now much more dependent on fundraising income. Last year, the Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle made it possible for us to put three new buses on the road. This year, we're relying on your continued generosity and support to help us buy three more.

Help us achieve our goal this year to put 3 new buses on the road to support people with intellectual disabilities in our community.

Inspirational Stories

Our Buy a Bus Campaign is one of the best charity stories that has been seen in our county for a long time. Buy a Bus fundraised to replace the 17 dilapidated buses for Kerry Parents & Friends Association so that they can provide a service for people with intellectual disabilities in transporting them to their place of work, hospital appointments and respite centres throughout Kerry. Myself and my team of volunteers set about to buy one bus for KPFA when my family realised that without this bus service, their lives and the other bus users lives would soon be unbearable and unthinkable in their daily lives.

These buses are a lifeline to all who use them, which is hard to explain to the wider community. But whether they understood it or not, this campaign shows how people, communities and organisations came together and raised phenomenal money to secure the 5 buses that are now in place. We are very proud of this achievement to date. Our target this year is to replace another 3 buses. This will only be possible with your fundraising help.

Our bus users are unable to help themselves and receive no state funding for transport from any government party for the last number of years. Again, it is left up to the generous people in our country to help the most beautiful people in our community.

Safe cycling and thanking you in advance.

Agnes Rooney

"The bus comes to collect my sister Esther at Fossa Killarney each day. Esther waits inside the window each morning listening to radio Kerry until the bus arrives for her. She really enjoys her journey and having the banter on the bus with her friends. They often break into song and are even disappointed when the journey comes to an end. There are occasions when I might be at the Old Monastery and I will ask Esther will she travel home with me. The answer is always a stern "NO, I'm going home on my bus"."

In short Esther life revolves around this vital bus service to take her to her place of work each day. Buy a bus campaign has got Esther strong message out to the wider community and without the help of the ROKCC and various fundraising events Esther and her friends would not have FIVE new buses on the road in 18 months.

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