'Help us to deliver Ireland's first charity funded helicopter emergency medical service (HEMS) by raising money and taking part in this year's Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle. Together, we can make it possible to save more lives.'

ICRR voluntary medical professionals give up their time to help people at their greatest time of need. Since 2008, our volunteers make a lifesaving difference while working in association with the National Ambulance Service when responding to 999/112 emergency calls. Our national network of over 200 volunteer doctors and nine Rapid Response Vehicles (RRV's) bring emergency department skills to the side of the road and the scene of the accident.

Our major focus this year is to provide Ireland's first dedicated charity funded helicopter emergency medical service. Based out of Cork airport, this will offer a vital lifesaving service.

Help our teams to make a lifesaving difference this year by raising funds for ICRR:

  • €5 will buy a foil blanket
  • €10 will buy a box of 100 latex gloves
  • €50 will buy one stethoscope
  • €70 will fuel a voluntary doctor's car
  • €75 will buy a child's breathing support
  • €100 will buy defibrillator pads
  • An Air Ambulance requires €2,000,000 funding for one year or €5,000 per call which can help save a person's life.

Inspirational Stories

"One minute I was driving home from work in my warm car and listening to the radio. The next, I was trapped and in excruciating pain. It was dark and cold and rain was falling on me. The emergency services and a Volunteer Rapid Response Doctor apparently got to me fast, but the fire service had to cut me out of my car and that took 90 minutes. My recollection is foggy, but I am told that my heart stopped beating several times. I know now that if the Rapid Response doctor hadn’t treated me at the scene of the accident, all the other great efforts by the emergency services would have been in vain. I am now back home with my family and recovering. I cannot express how grateful we all are. ICRR saved my life.”

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