We build stronger, healthier and more resilient young people, with a set of skills to last a lifetime. We are here to ensure all young people can be the best they can be- no matter what challenges and obstacles life presents. Every single euro we raise at this year’s Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle will mean we can increase the vital, life changing health and wellbeing supports we provide to over 250 young people- every day.'

Together with our 350 volunteers, we already help over 6,000 young people aged 10-25 each year. With your help we will empower all young people with essential skills including; being active and healthy, eating well and nutrition, helping transition from primary to secondary school, mentoring, team building and leadership, mental and spiritual wellbeing, developing GRIT-being resilient and dealing with anxiety, digital and online safety, learning skills for future employment...and this is only the beginning!

With over 20 dedicated programmes, we support young people and their families to overcome challenges in areas such as mental health, drugs and alcohol, justice and education, training and employment. Our 40 + youth clubs across the Kerry region provide young people with a safe space to meet, learn new skills, develop their skills and networks, have fun, and take a leadership role in changing their world and benefiting their communities.

We believe in all young people. We know you do too! Help us to achieve our goal this year to reach even more young people and ensure we will meet the physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing needs by developing a dedicated centre for all young people-and help them reach their potential.

Inspirational Stories

“I started attending KDYS in March 2015. I dropped out of school because I didn’t think it was the right place for me. I couldn’t focus in school, I couldn’t get on with any of my teachers, and I was doing everything just to be sent home so I wouldn’t have to spend half of my day in a school that I wasn’t happy in. The fact I was unhappy in that school affected my relationships at home, and affected my behaviour a lot. I became lazy, didn’t want to get up in the mornings and I was very aggressive over it. This had a very bad effect on my relationship with my mother because she wanted me to go in and get my education but she didn’t understand that it was very hard for me, therefore I was always arguing with her.

I decided that it was enough and that I have to do something to get my education because it was very important to me. I heard from my friend about a programme KDYS run and that it is a very nice community to be around and it also provides education and help if you need it. I talked to my mom about it and we both decided that if I can’t get on in school it is worth giving a try.

It was the best decision I could have ever made! Shortly after I applied I received a phone call to come in for my induction week. The first day when I came down to the centre I didn’t know any of the staff and not many of the young people and it made it very stressful for me. I used to be shy and didn’t like meeting new people and certainly wouldn’t open up to someone I didn’t quite know.

The first day went very well I was brought around the building by the youth worker to show me where everything was and also to meet the staff working in the centre. I loved it, from the first day I knew that it will work out for me this time. I got assigned to one of the staff to be my youth worker, and honestly I must say that talking to her was easy.

Since then everything changed for me. With more help I have now learned loads of new skills and have gone back to college and recently started my first job, what’s even better is the guys still check in with me to see how I’m doing and I know there is lots more help there if I need.”

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