Bike Tags

All cyclists based in Ireland and Northern Ireland who registered before 6pm on the 12th June 2023 should expect to receive their Bike Tag and Wrist Band in the post this week. Cyclists living outside of Ireland or Northern Ireland, and anyone who registered after this time can pick up their Bike Tag at Lower New Street car park in Killarney (Eircode/postcode V93 AW26). The Registration desk will be open from 3pm on Friday 30th June until 10pm and again from 6am on Saturday 1st July and we will be taking last minute Registrations from cyclists on the day.

In the post, you will receive a lime green Bike Tag which must be attached to the front of your bike, along with a yellow wrist band which must be worn at all times to grant you access to the food stations enroute.

Please note that the two tags are identical in all but their colour this year as we have simplified things by not sending out bulky bike tags.


Please be advised that the lower side of New Street car park will be closed for parking from midnight on Thursday 29th June until 10pm on Saturday 1st July. Alternative car parking will be available for short stays and cars only at the Cathedral filed, entrance on Port Road (with the kind permission of St. Brendan’s Trust). FREE parking for cyclists will be provided at Daffodil Field, Cleeney, Tralee Road (with the kind permission of Micheal O’Shea) and the HSE field off the Killarney Bypass (with the kind permission of the HSE) from 5am to 8am on Saturday 1st July. All cyclists are being asked to use this facility to ensure smooth traffic flow and to ease congestion during this time.

Road Closures

Certain sections of the road will be closed, and certain sections will be open. This is done in order to MINIMISE traffic and will NOT eliminate all traffic. You need to think of the roads as open, expect traffic and obey the Rules of the Road accordingly. Please always cycle on the left-hand side of the road and respect Emergency Vehicles that need to pass.

On Saturday 1st July, Mission Road and Beech Road will be closed to traffic from 5am to 9am and again from 11.30am to 8pm.

Start Time

When you initially registered, you would have selected a “wave time”. This is detailed on the Registration Confirmation email you received upon completion of the Registration process online. Please be advised that this is only a guide, and you will not be obliged to start at that time.

What time is the official start?

The official start is at 7.30am; however, you will find people starting as early as 6.00am and as late as 8.30 am.

What happens if I start before 6.00am or after 8.30am?

You will not have the benefit of back-up services or traffic restrictions.

Is there a time limit for the cycle?

All our event support systems stand down at 20.00 (8 pm) so if you are later than this you will not have the benefit of back-up services or traffic restrictions.

If I cannot finish the cycle within the given time what happens?

You will be expected to avail of the service of our sweeps who will transport you and your bike back to Killarney. (The planners have allowed you 14 hours to complete the cycle)

Where does the event start?

The event starts outside New Street Car Park on Mission Road in Killarney from where you will cycle on by the Cathedral towards the Killorglin and off you go…

Can I start somewhere other than Killarney?

It is strongly advised that you start in Killarney. If you decide to start somewhere else, you may not have back-up services available to you at certain times. Our services are planned to cater for cyclists starting from and finishing in Killarney. The official start and finish is in Killarney.

Download GPX Route
A number of cyclists have asked is we have a GPX route they can download. You are welcome to use this one as created by one of our Committee members.

Food Stations

In order to keep your energy and fluid levels up during the day there will be multiple water stations as well as Food Stations which are based in Cahersiveen, Kenmare and Killarney. The wrist band will grant you access to these food stations. There are plenty of toilet stops along the way too.

Where are the food stations?

There are 3 official food stations along the cycle. These are located at Caherciveen (72 kms); Kenmare (136 kms) and Killarney (finish). However, there will be plenty of facilities to stock up on water, bananas etc. along the route.

Will I have the option of Gluten free food?


Do I need to bring food and water with me?

You should bring at least one full water bottle which you can top up on the way around. It is advisable to bring some snack bars and eat a little but often rather than having one or two huge feeds. There will be plenty of opportunity to stop along the way – don’t worry you won’t starve!!

Medical Stations

Where are the Medical stations?

There will be 3 Fixed Medical centres:

  • In Killarney at the Start/Finish Points
  • In Cahersiveen (72Kms)
  • In Kenmare (136Kms)

There will be numerous Fixed First Aid stations manned by qualified personnel along the route. These will be signposted 100mts in advance of their position. We will have a fleet of mobile ambulances with doctors on board and manned by members of the Civil Defence, Order of Malta and Red Cross.

What do I do if I encounter a medical emergency?

Phone the Medical Helpline number which is on your bike tag. Give clear and precise information on the nature of the injury and where the casualty is located and give your contact number.

Will there be a Physiotherapist station?

Yes, this will be located at the finish point.

Bike Repairs

What do I do if I have a problem with my bike?

Everybody is expected to bring the basics with them on the day i.e. Puncture repair kit, spare tube, pump and bike levers.

It is strongly advised that you know how to fix a simple puncture as this could save you a lot of waiting time on the day.

If you encounter a problem that you are unable to sort yourself, please phone the mechanical helpline number which will be printed on your bike tag. Please give clear and precise information on the nature of the problem, where you are located and give your contact number. The coordinator will then advise you what to do.

It is also strongly advised that you have a full service carried out on your bike before the event.

Will there be mechanical backup?

Yes. There will be 11 Fixed Bike Stations and some mobile units looking after bike problems.

What happens if my bike has to be transported back to Killarney?

There will be a dedicated depot in Killarney where you will be reunited with your bike.

E- Bikes

Cyclists are welcome to use an electric bike, however they must have their own repair kit and enough power to get themselves around the Ring of Kerry as the Repair Crews on the day will not have access to any e-bike parts. If you plan to use an eBike, providing you bring along your own charger, you can charge up at the food stations along the way. Ideally though, we would strongly advise that you bring a second battery. 

Will there be a lost and found section?

Yes. This will be located near the finish line in Killarney.

Will there be somebody to bring my gear around the Ring Of Kerry?

No. You will need to bring your own rain jacket etc.

What is the fastest time that the event has been done in?

The event is not a race. It should be looked on as a day out to be enjoyed in the presence of a few thousand friends!

Kerry vs Tyrone Match

The GAA Kerry vs Tyrone match in Croke Park this Saturday will create extra oncoming traffic with supporters travelling to Dublin from Kerry.