Main Beneficiary Charities 2024

Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle Fund – Cycle to fundraise for charities other than those nominated by the ROKCC and known as the “Main Beneficiary Charities”.

Breakthrough Cancer Research – is an Irish medical research charity which has a particular focus on cancers with a poor prognosis. 50 years ago, breast and prostate cancer survival rates were less than 50%. With research funding, they’re now over 85%. However, today some cancer survival rates are still less than 10%. That’s not a number we’re prepared to live with. With better treatments for all,we won’t have to. Breakthrough Cancer Research invested in life-changing research by bringing scientists, patients and clinicians together to discover and develop new, better kinder and smarter diagnostics and treatments for people with cancer in Ireland and internationally. The Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle 2024 will help fund two new projects in oesophageal (food pipe) and ovarian cancers and is helping our mission to make more survivors.

Focus Ireland provides services for people who are homeless and people at risk of homelessness in Ireland.

Focus Ireland believes that everyone has the fundamental right to a place they can call home. Funds raised from the Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle could support our specially trained staff, who work extremely hard to protect families and children through our targeted support services.

Comfort for Chemo – Comfort for Chemo Kerry – caring for Kerry cancer patients in a welcoming, reassuring, comfortable and dignified environment.

The goal and primary aim of Comfort for Chemo Kerry is to fundraise to build and equip a start of the art, purpose-built chemotherapy unit for the people of Kerry. To build a centre of excellence for the patients of Kerry, who need Chemotherapy and Oncological treatments. We want to ensure that the very best care available is delivered in an environment that is welcoming, reassuring, comfortable and dignified.

Brú Columbanus, serves as more than a mere establishment; it is a home for the numerous families that utilize its services. It provides families with the invaluable gift of time, allowing them to stay close and spend quality moments with their loved ones.

Brú Columbanus strives to excel in all endeavors undertaken. This commitment is owed to the families they assist, as well as the expectations of their partners and the trust placed in them by their supporters. Their pledge remains to ensure that families with critically ill members find accommodation in a serene, compassionate, and hospitable environment. The primary responsibility always lies in caring for these families, with constant sensitivity and awareness of their circumstances.

St. Francis Special School caters for children with moderate or severe to profound intellectual disabilities and include some of the most vulnerable children in our society. We have children with life-limiting conditions, children who are bed-bound, children with complex medical needs, wheelchair users, non-verbal children, Down Syndrome children, Autistic children and children with many more challenges.

IRISH CANCER SOCIETY – 170km My Way Charity Partner 2024

The Irish Cancer Society is working towards a future where nobody dies from cancer, and everyone affected by the disease will have access to world class treatment and support.

The Irish Cancer Society works towards a future where everyone will have access to world class treatment and support. Their Night Nurses allow cancer patients to spend their final days at home surrounded by their loved ones. By supporting the Irish Cancer Society, you are making a difference to so many.