Tips for Successful Online Fundraising

Setup Page

Set-Up your page:

Self-donate– donate to your own page

  • You will raise 120% more than those who don’t
  • It shows your commitment and forms a benchmark for your donors to follow

Set a challenging but attainable fundraising goal

  • Remember you can always edit your goal at any stage to a higher or lower amount

Edit your fundraising story on iDonate will increase donations by 59%

  • It tells your donors why you’re taking on this challenge

Add a profile picture to raise up to 50% more

  • It personalises the page and lets everyone know it is you
Page Update

Keep your page updated

Share your achievements with your donors on your iDonate page

  • A bare fundraising page makes you look uninterested

Link your Strava to your page

  • This will show your donors how you are working hard for your challenge

Add photos to keep your page active and display your progress

  • Those who already donated will enjoy seeing them and potential donors will gain an appreciation for your efforts

Top Tip: Use the social media integration to share your fitness updates

Thank you donor

Thank your donors

It makes them feel valued

  • By thanking them your donor receives an email and has the chance to revisit your page

Top Tip: Thank your donor on social media and your mutual friends might feel compelled to donate

Ask for donation

Ask for a donation

Share your page on social media to reach as many people as possible

  • Shared pages within 1 hour will raise 52% more

Send a personalised email or text to your family and friends

  • Email/Text will reach fewer people that social media but you will get a higher donation value
Keep Profile Active

Keep your page active after the challenge

  • Make sure to update everyone on how it went. Upload photos and do a post to thank everyone who donated.

Top Tip: Share your page after you complete the event with your result & you might get even more donations

The purpose of thecycle is to raise awareness about the projects needed to support our main beneficary charities and raise funds for them. The ROKCC work closely with all charities to help ensure a successful event. There are many ways in which you can fundraise. We would encourage you to set-up an online fundraising page and spread the word with your network.