Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle for
Comfort for Chemo

The goal and primary aim of Comfort for Chemo Kerry is to fundraise to build a centre of excellence for the patients of Kerry who need Chemotherapy and Oncological treatments. We want to ensure that the very best care available is delivered in an environment that is welcoming, reassuring, comfortable and dignified.

  • Every 3 minutes in Ireland someone gets a cancer diagnosis.
  • In Ireland more than 40,000 new cases of cancer or related tumours are diagnosed each year.
  • In the last seven years the number of people receiving chemotherapy has increased by 63%.
  • In the last five years the number of new people attending the oncology outpatients has increased by 58% and follow up visits have increased by 27%.

but the news is good…

  • Survival Rates across a lot of cancers in Ireland continue to increase
  • Research is improving
  • More modern Chemotherapy treatments are becoming available.

What will be in the new state of the art purpose-built Chemotherapy Unit?

  • Stand Alone State of the Art Building Privacy and Dignity for Patients
  • New Outpatient Unit
  • Dedicated Chemotherapy Suites
  • Isolation Facilities
  • Compounding Unit (Drug Preparation)
  • Spacious Clinical Areas
  • Dedicated Car parking
  • Teaching and Research facilities
  • Counselling and Support Rooms
  • Treatment Rooms for Allied Health Professional to support Patients and deliver treatments

Being selected as a tier one charity for the Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle 2024 will once again raise the profile, purpose and aim that Comfort for Chemo Kerry is working to achieve and the funding will be invaluable in making the goal of the charity a reality.