Kerry Stars

The Club was formed in September 2002 with the principal object of benefitting the community by assisting people with an Intellectual Disability to participate as productive and respected members of society by providing sport, social and leisure opportunities for them and by helping to increase the public’s awareness of their capabilities and needs.

The members of the Kerry Stars Club come, principally, from the Killarney, East and Mid Kerry areas. From early on the Committee realised that we should aim to get our own premises. The reasons for this were based on the fact that all our Athletes have an Intellectual Disability and many also suffer from physical impairment and other illnesses. This puts a great onus on the Club to ensure that safety, security and comfort is paramount while the Athletes are in our care.

When the Community Recognition Fund was announced we met with other sport clubs in the area and drew up plans for a home for the Kerry Stars athletes and a hall for our training. In addition to our athletes this facility will cater for the needs of many other groups and sports/activities in the area.

As the grant will not complete the project, we must raise further funds and, in this regard, the Club is delighted to have been selected as a ROKCC Tier 2 Beneficiary Charity. This gives our Club the opportunity to raise significant funds which would complete the build and fit-out of our building.