St. Francis Special School

St. Francis Special School (SFSS) is situated on the grounds of St. Mary of The Angels in Beaufort. Pupils who attend St. Francis Special School have a diagnosis of a moderate or severe to profound intellectual disability. This means we have children with life-limiting conditions, children who are bed-bound, children with complex medical needs who need a nurse just to come to school, wheelchair users, non-verbal children, Down Syndrome children, Autistic children and children with many more challenges. We have children who may not be able to tell us what they need or want or cannot express when they are sick, tired, bored, angry or when they need the most basic requests for food or drink. These children include some of the most vulnerable children in our society.

These children also happen to be some of the most inspirational people you could ever have the privilege of meeting in your life. They fill our days with fun, joy, love and appreciation.

While enabling each child to develop his/her potential to the full, we also want our pupils to be happy in school and to enjoy their time in our care. This does not come without a cost and the simple fact of the matter is that the school needs to continuously fundraise to meet these needs. The Ring of Kerry Cycle is an absolute blessing for the school as we go through a period of expansion and change, but we need the resources and training to ensure the environment is safe and welcoming. We would like to thank each and every cyclist who registers on our behalf, for their appreciation of our work.