When will registration open for 2017?
Registration opens on Saturday 25th February 2017 with a basic donation of €100.00 plus a 3.5% handling fee payable upfront. This basic donation is non-refundable but does guarantee you a place on the cycle.

How do I register?
The link to register will be available from Saturday 25th at 7am on the following sites:
www.ringofkerrycycle.ie and
the Kerry Charity Cycle Facebook: www.facebook.com/RingofKerryCharityCycle

How many places are open for registration?
There will be 10,000 spaces available through the online registration system.
As part of the registration process, all participants will be required to select one of the 10 main beneficiary charities, to cycle for. Each charity will be allocated 1,000 cyclists and when the allocated spaces for a charity are full – registrants will have the option to select another charity which has availability.

When will the online registration end?
Registration will close when all spaces have been allocated. If you are unsuccessful in registering, you will be put on a waiting list and contacted if a space becomes available.

Should I go to a charity to secure a place?
Charities will not be registering participants directly for the 2017 charity cycle. All registrations must use the online booking system.

What information do I need to register?
Once you have selected your charity, you must input
– personal information (including names, address, date of birth, contact number)
– emergency contact details (including name, contact number)
– event preferences i.e. wave times & number of times you have participated.
– Credit cards details to process booking

Is there an age restriction to register?
Yes, all participants must be over the age of 16. Anyone born after the 1st of July 2001, will not be eligible to register.

How can I pay?
To make life easier all registrations will be made online, you can make payments using all major Visa and Master card credit/debit cards.

I’m trying to register through a link provided by my chosen charity, but the link takes me to the main registration page and I can’t see my chosen charity. Why is this?
Each charity has a link that takes you to their own registration form, if places are available their registration page will appear and you can register as per normal. If the charity has sold out it’ll no longer be visible on the main registration page, so you will have the option to support another charity if places are available. If the event has sold-out then you’ll have the option to join the waiting list.

I accidentally entered the wrong details on my registration form, what do I do?
There is a Manage My Account facility after the registration. You can log in and update your details from there.

What are start times?
Start times are in place to reduce the congestion at the start line as well as the official stops along the cycle. They also ensure that every participant gets to enjoy the fantastic scenery of the Ring of Kerry.

I’d like to start the event with my friends (who are registered) but we’re all on different start times. Can we change our start times so we start together?
Absolutely, each of you will need to log into your accounts and edit your registration. Click through to http://www.njuko.net/rokcc/check-registration with your booking reference number, scroll-down to ‘Please select your wave’, select the new wave you’d like then scroll down to ‘save changes’. You’re now booked in under your new wave. Please note, ensure that your friends follow the same process for their individual registrations.

Will there be a waiting list?
Once all places have been booked, there will be no more positions made available online. There will be a waiting list facility. The waiting list is a function that works like a digital queue for an event, when the event has reached capacity. If you join the waiting list you’ll be notified via email if a place becomes available (due to cancellation), you’ll then have 36 hours to register via the link in that email. If you don’t register within that 36-hour timeframe, then your invitation will be cancelled and sent to the next person in the queue.

Can I make a group booking at the same time or must each person individually go through the booking process?
The booking system does not currently facilitate group bookings, but does allow for more than one booking per credit/debit card.

What if I register and then become injured, or am unable to attend the event?
You can transfer your booking to a colleague, friend or family member. Otherwise you can cancel your booking and this will be offered to an individual on the waiting list. Unfortunately, Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle entries are non-refundable.

Can I transfer my registration to another participant?
If you have registered to participate for the event and are now unable to attend on the day, you can transfer your registration to a family member, friend or colleague. Follow the steps outlined below:
The process is as follows:

  • Go to http://www.njuko.net/rokcc/check-registration
  • Select ‘check my entry’ and enter your email address and booking reference number.
  • They then select ‘transfer my registration to a friend’ and enter your friend’s email address.
  • Then click ’transfer my registration’.


  • The friend receives an email with a link to register.
  • The friend then registers as normal.
  • The friend completes registration without any payment.

I’ve already registered but I’ve moved house. Can I update my personal details?
Yes you can, please click through to the following link http://www.njuko.net/rokcc/check-registration and enter your email address and booking reference number. Select ‘Edit my entry’ and make the
appropriate changes; once that’s done scroll down and click ‘save changes’.

What other terms should I be aware of?
The full Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle terms & conditions are available on the registration platform and can also be viewed here.

I registered online, what do I do next?
You will receive a confirmation email outlining next steps. If you do not receive this, please email office@ringofkerrycycle.ie

I have not registered; can I still cycle the route on the day?
There will be checkpoints on the closed sections and you will not be able to pass through these while those sections are closed.

Why have you capped the numbers?
We have facilities to look after 10,000 cyclists in a safe and responsible manner. If we allow more cyclists on the road it would impact on our ability to look after everybody.

Can I raise funds for a charity outside of the 10 main beneficiary charities?
Each year the Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle select 10 official main beneficiary charities, these charities are listed on our website (click here to see http://www.ringofkerrycycle.ie/charities-2017/.

Participants are asked to select one of these chosen charities to represent on the cycle and if they wish, raise additional funds. The Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle carefully select charities annually and do not wish for participants to fundraise for charities outside of the official charities. Any voluntary donations will go 100% to the cyclist’s chosen charity with the basic donation, after administrative expenses, being distributed across all charities.

Additionally, there are another 35 charities (Tier 2 and Tier 3) who are also allocated funds from the registration proceeds.

Please note you can only fundraise for one of the 10 main beneficiaries, fundraising for any other charity is strictly prohibited and will invalidate your registration.

How can I fundraise for my chosen charity?
As part of registration you will have the option of fundraising for your chosen charity by
– Setting up an online everydayhero fundraising page and/or;
– Requesting a sponsorship card(s) – which your chosen charity will post out to you or alternatively;
– You can make an additional voluntary donation to the charity of your choice as part of the registration process (plus 3.5% handling fee). Again, any voluntary donations made are nonrefundable.

I requested a sponsorship card during registration, how will I get this?
Your chosen charity will issue your sponsorship card to you. This will be send via post to the address used at registration.

Bike Tag Collection: Sponsorship Cards & Online Fundraising

  • If you chose to take a sponsorship card please bring these along with the funds or bank lodgement slip when you collect your bike tag.
  • If you want to continue fundraising, just bring along whatever cash you have raised so far and your chosen charity will issue you with a receipt and you can hold on to the card until it is full and then return the card and any additional funds.
  • Sponsorship cards are still available from each charity. Just send an email and one will be posted out to you.
  • Remember you can also set up an online fundraising page using the everydayheo link on your confirmation email.
  • It is not too late to start fundraising and every cent you raise over and above the initial €100 goes directly to your chosen charity. The initial €100 goes into the central pool and goes towards expenses (insurance, food stations etc), tier 2 & tier 3 charities donations with the remainder being distributed to the 10 main beneficiary charities.
  • If your company operates a donation matching scheme please apply on our behalf, Any specific documentation required, can be provided. to facilitate your request.

When is the cycle?
The Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle is always on the first Saturday in July. In 2017 this is the 1st of July.

What time is the official start?
The official start is at 7.30am; however, you will find people starting as early as 6.00am and as late as 8.30 am. We would recommend that you look at our timetable for the day and abide by the timings on this schedule.

What happens if I start before 6.00am or after 8.30am?
You will not have the benefit of back-up services or traffic restrictions.

Is there a time limit for the cycle?
All our event support systems stand down at 20.00 (8 pm) so if you are later than this you will not have the benefit of back-up services or traffic restrictions. Please see our event timetable for closure times of the various food stations.

If I cannot finish the cycle within the given time what happens?
You will be expected to avail of the service of our sweeps who will transport you and your bike back to Killarney. (The planners have allowed you 14 hours to complete the cycle)

Can I start somewhere else other than Killarney?
It is strongly advised that you start in Killarney. If you decide to start somewhere else you may not have back-up services available to you at certain times. Our services are planned to cater for cyclists starting from, and finishing in Killarney.

What is the purpose of the bike tag and wristband?
The bike tags will allow your passage through the checkpoints on the closed road sections. The wristband will allow you to gain access to the food stations.

Where should I put my bike tag?
You need to display your bike tag clearly on your handlebars as shown below.
ring of kerry cycle bike tag

This is the only acceptable position and will ensure your speedy passage through the checkpoints.

I would like to be a volunteer, who do I contact?
The Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle could not happen without our amazing team of positive and energetic volunteers. The charity cycle raises valuable funds for chosen charities each year. if you or your club/organization would like to join the amazing team of more than 1200 volunteers who get involved every year, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us by email volunteers@ringofkerrycycle.ie

Where are the food stations?
There are 3 official food stations along the cycle. These are located at Caherciveen (72 kms); Kenmare (136 kms) and Killarney (finish). However, there will be plenty of facilities to stock up on water, bananas etc. along the route.

Will I have the option of Gluten free food?

Do I need to bring food and water with me?
You should bring at least one full water bottle which you can top up on the way around. It is advisable to bring some snack bars and eat a little but often rather than having one or two huge feeds. There will be plenty of opportunity to stop along the way – don’t worry you won’t starve!!

Where are the Medical stations?
There will be 3 Fixed Medical centres:

• In Killarney at the Start/Finish Points

• In Caherciveen (72Kms)

• In Kenmare (136Kms)

There will be numerous Fixed First Aid stations manned by qualified personnel along the route. These will be signposted 100mts in advance of their position. We will have a fleet of mobile ambulances with doctors on board and manned by members of the Civil Defence, Order of Malta and Red Cross.

What do I do if I encounter a medical emergency?
Phone the Medical Helpline number which is on your bike tag. Give clear and precise information on the nature of the injury and where the casualty is located and give your contact number.

Will there be a Physiotherapist station?
Yes, this will be located at the finish point.

What do I do if I have a problem with my bike?
Everybody is expected to bring the basics with them on the day i.e. Puncture repair kit, spare tube, pump and bike levers.

It is strongly advised that you know how to fix a simple puncture as this could save you a lot of waiting time on the day.

If you encounter a problem that you are unable to sort yourself, please phone the mechanical helpline number which will be printed on your bike tag. Please give clear and precise information on the nature of the problem, where you are located and give your contact number. The coordinator will then advise you what to do.

It is strongly advised that you have a full service carried out on your bike before the event.

Will there be mechanical backup?
Yes. There will be 11 Fixed Bike Stations and some mobile units looking after bike problems.

What happens if my bike has to be transported back to Killarney?
There will be a dedicated depot in Killarney where you will be reunited with your bike.

How can I get an official ROKCC jersey?
As part of the registration system, you can pre-order your official 2017 ROKCC jersey for €30 +€4 P&P and 3.5% handling fee with delivery due in May 2017. The jersey can also be purchased by clicking here >>

Where can I park?
Important information on parking will be posted before the cycle.

Will there be a lost and found section?
Yes. This will be located near the finish line in Killarney.

Are the roads closed on the day?
Certain sections of the road will be closed and certain sections will be open. This is done in order to MINIMISE traffic and will NOT eliminate all traffic. You need to think of the roads as open, expect traffic and obey the Rules of the Road accordingly.

Will there be somebody to bring my gear around the Ring?
No. You will need to bring your own rain jacket etc.

What is the fastest time that the event has been done in?
The event is not a race. It should be looked on as a day out to be enjoyed in the presence of 10,000+ friends.