Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle for Breakthrough Cancer Research

Breakthrough Cancer Research is an Irish medical research Charity focused on cancer. We work to significantly impact the number of people who can survive this disease. We invest in world-class research in Ireland to impact the quality of life for people with cancer and save lives. We are particularly focused on improving outcomes for those cancers, which are poorly served by current treatment options.

People believe the worst day they, or a loved one, will have is the day they hear a cancer diagnosis. However, this is not the worst day. The worst day is when the doctor tells them there is no hope. They have tried everything. There is nothing more they can do. The cure for their cancer does not exist.

Breakthrough Cancer Research is working hard to make sure our family, friends and communities have access to the best treatments for cancer and never have to hear the words, there is no hope.

Our focus is on:

  • Funding world-class cancer research into poor prognosis cancers, which are poorly served by current treatment options
  • Facilitating collaboration between scientists and clinicians across Ireland and internationally
  • Accelerating the translation of lab discoveries into new effective treatments for people with cancer.

Thank you for choosing Breakthrough Cancer Research as your designated Charity for the Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle 2024. If you have any queries or need any support in your fundraising, please email eoghan@breakcancer.ie. We are very grateful for your support.