Ard Chúram Alzheimer’s Day Care Centre

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Ard Chúram Alzheimer’s Day Care Centre

Alzheimer’s/Dementia has been described as a Tsunami that is hitting our population and is growing exponentially. Ard Chúram is currently building a new state of the Art Dementia Day Care Centre costing over €1m. It will prove to be of enormous benefit to those with Dementia, their families and carers. Please register with Ard Chúram. We need your support to get our project over the line.

Ard Chúram is a voluntary body run by a dedicated committee to provide a Day Care Service for the elderly in North Kerry. We operate this service 5 days a week, from our purpose-built Day Centre which was constructed in 2015, with magnificent support from the Ring of Kerry Charity Cyclists. Our patrons are numbering 110 on a weekly basis, half of whom live on their own. We also provide a one-day service for Stroke and Parkinson sufferers.

Ard Chúram has a proven track record in providing Day Care Service to the Older Population. Those suffering from Dementia need Day Care facilities, relative to their condition and with greater and more specialised care.

Ard Chúram needs you to make our dream a reality, THANK YOU

Note: The image above relates to the Official Sod Turning Ceremony in October 2019, performed by Minister of State for Mental Health and Older People, Mr. Jim Daly,