Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle for Banna Rescue

Banna Rescue is an 999/112 lifeboat service situated in Tralee Bay, Co. Kerry.
It was the first inshore rescue service (of its type) on the western seaboard and patrols one of the busiest beaches in the country.


Banna Rescue was founded in 1983 after two tragic incidents. Since its foundation, Banna Rescue has responded to over 244 callouts and carried 67+ people to safety. The rescue unit has had a marked impact on the community and further afield; acknowledged in 2019 when the Unit was honoured as overall winners of the Kerry Community Awards.


Banna Rescue also conducts intervention beach patrols during peak periods to promote water safety awareness and minimise emergency callouts & potential loss of life by “heading off trouble before it happens”. ROKCC & Banna Rescue


Over the years, ROKCC support has allowed Banna Rescue to continue its mission to save lives. However, through being a main beneficiary and your support the team can push to modernise its fleet and purchase of a new lifeboat.